These tops are from 1 Hundred and they’re fit mesh! So that means no appliers, it’ll just fit to your bodies and mesh bodies. They’re only $200L and the colors it comes in are pink, sky, and violet. You can only get this at the Black Dot Project Event that’s going on until March 4th. There’s still time! See you there.

On Clear.
Shirt: 1 Hundred – Blossom Top *Only at The Black Dot Event.*
Hair: Little Bones – Glow



There are times when I feel like doing something like do something which is called “piecing together an outfit.” That is what me and one of my good friends say when we’re trying to style our avatar. I saw all of this stuff at Kustom9 this round and I thought well this all goes together in my mind. I look like I’m about to go on a hot date. This dress comes in standard mesh body sizes and I swear this is one of the sexiest dresses I have tried n in a while. I hope you all like this outfit and of course like it, and follow my blog if you want. Have a good Saturday. ❤

On Clear.
Hair: Lelutka – Alyssa
Jacket: AMITOMO – Leather Jacket *At Kustom 9.*
Dress: VALE KOER – SkinClinging Dress *At Kustom 9.*
Shoes: N-Core – Stiletto Polka *Rare* *At Kustom 9.*



Hello everyone! I thought I’d do  a small blog for this sexy little top that is from 1 Hundred. You can only get it at the anyBODY event that’s going on until Feb 1st.  The price is only $200L, and it comes on all layers and  mesh bodies. The colors are  teal, silver, pink, lilac, plum, fuchsia, blue, and gold, something  cute for all of us. Hope you enjoy this shirt! Check out this event if you  have a mesh body. ❤

On Clear.
Hair: Exile – Out of the Woods *50L Friday Item.*
Top: 1 Hundred – All Night Long Top *At anyBODY.*



01032016I love waking up and seeing that there are followers of my blog. Thank you. It makes me feel really nice. I thought I’d put together a little blog on this cute shirt I just found from looking on my flickr. Hopefully you’ll liek it too and go there  to  get it for yourself, and it does come with a version for most of the bodies.  Have a good Sunday night!

On Clear.
Hair: Taketomi – Kira
Shirt: B BOS – Lala Outfit
Leggings: Gawk – Black Cotton Tights
Boots: Reign – Bow Saddle Boots *At FaMESHed.*




It’s a new year, so it’s time to start it off right. I thought I’d blog the outfit I was wearing last night when I was hopping around the grid having fun. I hope 2016 is good to you all and I’m excited to see how far I can go with this little blog.  – C

On Clear.
Dress: ABC – NYE Crochet Dress
Hair: Fiore – Tien
Shoes: N-Core – Gacha KNOTTED SkakeSkin
Headband: IeQED – 2016 Headband *FLF Friday.*
Jacket: Coco – Biker Jacket Over Shoulders
Necklace: Kibitz – Airu Necklace *At Shiny Shabby.*



Hello! This is a blog post sponsored by 1 Hundred. This sexy little shirt I’m wearing comes on  omega appliers, and appliers for the body as well as texture layers. This is only at the Kinky Monthly Event. The price is 200L, and it comes in colors white, sky, pink, marigold, lime, and lilac. If you love the way this looks on me and the ad, you should definitely go to the event and pick you up one for yourself.

On Clear.
Hair: Moon – Eye of the Needle
Thong: Bossie – Isla String
Boots: N-Core – Alexandra
Shirt: 1 Hundred – Dirty Girl *At Kinky Monthly.*



These all come in sizes for all of the bodies, and the flite shoes come with a resizer They’re super cute. If you have any questions about this outfit or me, please comment and follow and I’ll get back to you. 🙂  If you want to know something I haven’t credited in this blog please feel free to IM me. Happy Sunday. ❤

On Clear.
Hair: Little Bones – Vapors
Top: (fd)Mixed Fabric Shirt July *At Uber.*
Pants: Blueberry – Denise *At No.21.*
Shoes: Flite – Winter Boots Grey *Rare at the Arcade.*